What if any new member wants to join the club? As we know to learn something there is no good time, in the same way one can join this Still Only South London Green Isle Camogie Club to get trained by qualified and experienced coaches and captains to start playing Camogie game that is fastest of all the field games. Camogie is a field sport that is played by women players holding a stick and ball, like the men who play hurling. The player needs to be above 16 years of age they can join this winning team that is Ireland’s biggest Irish community; where every new member to existing team member shares everything as a friend and are trained under the supervision of this Clubs Professionals in the fresh spring and summer air of South East London. Being a member of Camogie team be lucky enough to take part in the upcoming tournaments and championships that are scheduled for next season to defeat the opponent team and win the trophy.

Every player of Ireland Camogie Team are treated as Champions of this club and provided training at professional level; they enjoy traveling together, hurl out as friends and practice the game together to attain the cup south of the Thames. Join today! To be part of this amazing team and start playing this game to stay fit, gather more friends to experience the fun and enjoyment after a successful play and winning of this game. The players, who are interested and wish to join Camogie, need to drop a line for this training session. However it is very essential that each player of the team need to monitor the events scheduled in their calendar from 1-31 days of Jan- Dec months with respect to their training and social events that are unavoidable for the upcoming season.

Since this creation of Camogie club it had been motivating a lot of women to be part of this game and showed that they are not less than any men to bring pride for their nation. Today women are successful in every field and this Irish community is one such example that has players with no age bar and religion all across from the world. In the past and current era this club has been providing training to the women players twice a week for about 1.5 to 2 hours, where the training is scheduled on Mondays at 7.00PM and Saturdays at 12pm in Peckham Rye Park, to win the match. All the players with team spirit move towards the field and play their excellent shots to win the game as was done in the past with their captain. For more information regarding the training do visit their website and keep monitoring their calendar for the latest events that are scheduled accordingly to get ready for the next season.