The Club

Green Isle is always in hunt of new players. This club welcomes anyone from absolute beginners to the experienced players and some supporters on the sidelines. Thus, Camogie/Hurling has been described by the uninitiated as a warlike ballgame played on foot with clubs but in reality it is just a really fun, energetic game that is great way of developing fitness, improving coordination and if you join Green Isle you can even start creating some wonderful friends. It is great place to strengthen your bond with co players. Camogie is an Irish sport that involves a ball and stick to play which is identical to the game of hurling that is played by men.

Best of Camogie Sport Club

In the United Kingdom, Green Isle Camogie Club is ranked 11,588,807, with an estimation this club receives more than 300 visitors per month. Click to view other data about this site. Green Isle Camogie Club is thus the Still Only South Based Camogie Team who are participating in the upcoming tournaments on behalf of Camogie Club. This Camogie Club based in South London has more than 100,000 women players which is the largest Irish community who hail from Ireland and from worldwide.
At present there are 537 camogie clubs, out of which 513 belong to the Island of Ireland, 47 to Connacht, 195 to Leinster, 160 to Munster and 110 to Ulster. All these Camogie clubs have motivated women to participate in sports to prove themselves that they are not less than men and can beat any competition like men. This club as said earlier always welcomes new comers and provides them training to give their best shot while playing the Camogie sport. This event lasts up to 60 minutes and the team which makes more goals to make scores wins the game.

Camogie club trains their women players on every Monday at 7 PM on Peckhan Rye and has mixed genre of all ages and standard. They are world famous as Amateur Sports Team and has well experienced coach and captain who always strive to motivate the team for better performance. This game is fastest of all field games and the club ensures that all their players give best shot and make maximum goals to defeat their opponent team to win the tournament and championship. There is no fixed time to join this Camogie club, any one can join who are dedicated towards sports and showcase their talent while playing this Camogie game. Be part of large and dynamic Irish community those are leader in their own terms.