Did you ever hear about Camogie sport and where it is played? If you don’t know anything about this sport and its club then read our article to access detailed information. Camogie is a field sport that is played by ladies that is similar to hurling game which is played using a stick like bat and ball by men. This game is the fastest of all field games and requires full energy to make as many as goals to increase the score and defeat the opponent team. Green Isle Camogie Club was formed in 1987, to provide best training to their women players and wined lots of tournaments and championship. This Club stood as the Still Only South London Club that has all ages of women above 16 years of age to take active participation and motivate other women to get into this field and show their best strengths and achievements. This women team is the largest Irish Community that has women of both Ireland and all across the world.

Camogie Club of London always welcomes new players and trains them in 2 sessions during fresh Spring and Summer- Mondays in Peckhan Rye Park at 7pm and Saturdays at 12pm. Any women can join this club to make their career in this field sport. This club gives equal opportunities to all the members and allows them to make more friends. They travel together, share everything as friends and helps them to maintain physical fitness. For more information regarding joining into this Camogie club please visit their official site or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ which will provide you latest news and the events happening to take part in the match that is scheduled in the next season.