Green Isle is the Still Only South London based Camogie Team that is all geared to win trophy in the next season. Actually Camogie is a sporting event that requires a stick such as hockey bat and a ball to hit to make goals and win scores. This Camogie game is played by women above 16 years of age and has no restrictions regarding their community or religion to join this game. This Camogie Club of South London has more than 100,000 women players and stands to be one of the biggest Irish communities in Ireland that is formed with few Ireland women and others from different parts of the worldwide. This Camogie game is very similar to the game played by men known as hurling, the more goals the big the score and win the game to defeat your opponent team.
Achievements of Green Isle Camogie Club:

Campgie Club of London is thus one example for every woman to come forward and take part in the sports. Today this club had taken initiation that more and more women take active participation as this team does by staying together as friends, who share everything with one another and try to strengthen their friendship traveling together to any destination. They wish to pay this game for fun and stay fit in their life. If you wish to join the Camogie Club, and approach the existing members to seek guidance how to get into this game and trained to reach their goal and play on behalf of their team to win the competition. They had so far achieved many Loral’s and still striving to win the next upcoming season.

This club organizes two sessions every week such as at 7 pm on Monday and at 12pm on Saturday at Peckham Rye Park. So far this club had achieved many Junior level to international level competitions and still in progress to win the next seasons match. They stood proud to be part of 2016 Erin Go Bragh’s tournament as Plate champions, in the year 2012 & 2013 had stood as Junior League Champions, in 2012 reached as Junior Championship Finalist, and in 2012 they had won Tara 7s Tournament Champions. This club and its members are very friendly, sociable bunch who are always ready to play this energetic game that is great way to achieve fitness, improve the coordination between the team players to have fun and enjoy the sport of Camogie game.

To know more about the Camogie Club do visit the website, and get latest updates via Facebook and Twitter. Get handy their calendar which let you know latest events throughout the year.