Training & Fixtures


Below are directions on how to get to Green Isle’s usual training grounds:

  • Peckham Rye Park and Common

Peckham Rye Park

Saturday training is typically every match free weekend for the duration of the season. Training will go ahead if there are 8 or more players available. Weekend training is held at Peckham Rye Park, London SE15 3UA at 12pm.

As the season progresses and day light increases midweek training will also be held at Peckham Rye from 7pm. We have been mid week training the past few months here and will continue until the end of the season.

How to Get There

  • Train: Click on the link to view the nearest train station .
  • Click on the following  link to view the Bus routes to Peckham Rye Park
  • If none of these transport options suit, don’t worry. There is usually a team member who will give a lift to/from a more convenient train station or check out


Map of Peckham Rye, London SE15 4JR